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Eliquidmaster's work around for Michigan flavor ban

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This is a peaceful protest in reaction to the Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Vape Flavor Ban.
I would like to stress that this will NOT be a cloud comp.

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Store News -

Michigan's governor banning sales of e-liquid in-store and online.

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Here is a blog post from Funky FarmsThey go into detail about why CBD is beneficial and what it does to help your body.

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We will go step by step on explaining how to refer your friends to ELM! Step 1. Log into your ELM account at Eliquidmaster.com Step 2. Click on the blue gift with the heart (rewards icon) at the bottom left of your screen. Step 3. Choose which referral option you would like to use (FB, Twitter, Email or copy the code and share via SMS message). That's all there is to it. Make sure your friends use that link when going to ELM. This link is what will allow them to get the $10 off their order when they place it....

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