Peaceful Protest to Protect Vaper's Rights

Peaceful Protest to Protect Vaper's Rights

We just wanted to reach out and let you all know about the peaceful protest that a large portion of the vaping community will be participating in. More information below.
We hope this can that you will attend this peaceful protest, or help support the cause. We will be fighting for our right to vape and you should participate in a part of it since you are a vaper. If we do not stand now, what stops our government from taking more of our civil liberties away from us?
Michigan State Capitol
110 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, Michigan 48933
This is a peaceful protest in reaction to the Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Vape Flavor Ban.
I would like to stress that this will NOT be a cloud comp.
We are organizing an official march where we will display our beliefs using facts, statistics, and anecdotal evidence of Vaping's impact on our state and our communities. During the march we encourage to keep vaping at a minimum as to not disturb traffic and local business and at the rally when we arrive at the capitol.
We will be scheduling speakers and activists to speak on behalf of the statistical facts of vaping and our call to action. If you would like to be involved or know someone who would like to be involved please contact one of our Administrators or Moderators.
Our call to action is to have the ban lifted and to work towards resolution with our government and our common goal which is to keep vaping an adult product and encourage regulatory bodies to do their jobs properly because flavors are not the issue. Individuals who provide to minors should be exposed and penalized as any other controlled substance provided to minors.
We urge all members and participants to properly educate yourself on your district constituents, protest laws, vaping statistics, and the impact on on tobacco in the human body.
Please share this event and our main group page: MI Vape/Former Smokers: Walk On Lansing
Hope to see you all there!
More details to come soon!!!
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How did it go? Was there a media blackout? I can’t find anything online about it.

Scotty Boman

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