About The Eliquidmaster Team

How we make our E-Liquid

We use the best ingredients in producing our E-liquid. We go a step further to make sure you get the most clean and pure E-liquid on the market! That's why Eliquidmaster liquid is bottled in our certified ISO-6 facility!

Eliquidmaster Clean RoomIso Certification Eliquidmaster Vape

Why a Clean Room?

If your liquid is NOT mixed in a certified clean room, there can be no guarantee that the product is bacteria, virus, or particulate free. We all know that air contains millions of viruses and bacteria. This is why Eliquidmaster only mixes in a certified ISO 6 clean room. This reduces the risk of countless viruses and bacteria floating in the air, or on the mixing surfaces in which your product is produced. With these dangers in mind, this is why Eliquidmaster takes full precautionary measures to ensure you are getting the highest quality and safest E-Liquid on the market!

Eliquidmaster Clean Room ISO 6 


A Little About Our Room

Our clean room is a dedicated space, in which the quality and flow of air is controlled using positive pressure systems. All air is filtered through a top to bottom flow. The air is pulled in to the room from the top and filtered through HEPA filters. This removes air particulates and all sorts of bacteria and germs you would not like in your E-Liquid. The air is then pushed out of the room through positive pressure vents which surround the bottom of the room. This means the air is constantly being re-freshed! Our clean room is a top of the line facility! We suit up in medical gear, wearing full protection and gloves, every time! All mixing tables are stainless steel and everything in the room is non- porous! This means you, as our customer, never have to worry about having any bacteria or floating particles in your liquid!

Eliquidmaster Clean Room ISO6


 The Eliquidmaster promise is one of commitment!  Commitment to quality ingredients and personal service! Here is a list of the things we are committed to and how they benefit you!

  1. We use only high quality, Kosher PG and VG in our liquids. We do not add any dye or food coloring! This means our liquid is simply pg/vg, nixodine, and flavoring! That gives you the peace of mind to know that the flavors you love are not filled with additional chemicals and toxins!
  2. We are accessible by phone during business hours at 616-490-8520. You can use the "message us" icon in the bottom right corner 24/7. We can also be reached by email after hours. Send all emails to support@eliquidmaster.com
  3. We commit to always provide the best flavors at a fair market price. We do not wish to ask our customers to pay so much more for a glass bottle and flashy label! Therefore you can vape PREMIUM E-Liquid at a fair price! One sample of Eliquidmaster and you will understand our claim of PREMIUM liquid.
  4. We promote and encourage community in the vape world. You can join and interact with us and many other vapers in our Facebook group "Vape-Aholics". This group is full of knowledgeable vapers who are willing to help and encourage anyone from a beginner to a veteran! There are contests and social posts to participate in and you just may end up winning one of our many giveaways!
We are located in a small town Byron Center, Michigan. Next to the locally famous 76th street truck stop and diner. The Eliquidmaster team serves the community with an array of mods and accessories as well as the best E-Liquid in all of the surrounding Grand Rapids area!  
                                              Address: 530 76th st suite 300, Byron Center, Mi 49315
Contact us: 616-490-8520