The future of Eliquidmaster

The future of Eliquidmaster


Hello everyone! Chris here from Eliquidmaster. I just wanted to inform everyone of the changes we will be implementing today, Wednesday October 2nd. We are working very hard to get things switched over so please bear with us in the meantime. It’s been a crazy past few weeks and we do not want to let you down! The website will be under construction at times as well. If you are having any problems ordering then please contact us at 616-490-8520.

In order to still serve our customers we will be selling our FDA registered Non-Flavored E-liquid Bases. You will still be able to choose 50/50 and Max VG blends ranging from zero to 18mg nicotine. You will then have to choose a “Flavor Shot” that costs $.25. The charge for the flavor shot is only to help cover the costs of additional labeling and bottles we now have to use because of the “Flavor Ban”.

When you purchase your order you will receive three of the following items as shown in the picture below:

1. The “Non-Flavored E-liquid Base” size of your choice

2. A label with the nicotine strength and PG/VG Ratio marked that is in your bottle of E-liquid Base. It also has a writable spot on it for the flavor name if you choose to add flavoring.

3. A bottle of flavoring labeled with the “Flavor Shot” name you may choose in proportion to what size “Non-Flavored E-liquid Base” you purchased.

We will still be offering all of our Eliquidmaster flavors for the flavor shots. The “Non-Flavor name” label will be placed on your bottle at time of purchase to show the nicotine and PG/VG ratio content inside. You will now have to shoot the flavoring inside the E-liquid Base from the needle tip bottles that contain the flavoring you chose and shake very well! We will no longer be able to provide pre-mixed flavored E-liquid unless it is one of our tobacco flavors or is only 0mg Nicotine.

We are severely sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Since we had registered a Non-Flavored Base variant with the FDA, we felt this was a safer way than you having to shoot the nicotine in yourselves.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and fought against the “Flavor Ban”. The fight is not over so please don’t give up . . . and don’t go back to smoking cigarettes! Hopefully the Governor will listen to her constituents and reverse this ban so business can proceed as it once had.

Thanks again!
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