MI Vape Ban

MI Vape Ban


This morning Eliquidmaster was made aware that our governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has entertained the idea of putting a state wide ban of sales to E-Liquid both in-store and online. This would ultimately destroy Michigan's local economy due to the amounts of vape shop's that currently reside in the state. This could also lead to a point where vape shop owners move their business out of state which would cripple the local economy even more due to the high volumes of now unemployed Michigan residents. Although this is all speculation at this point, but it is a very real possibility and potential outcome.

The reason for our blog post today is to bring light to what is going on in our local industry which also affects our customer base. We are requesting your assistance in contacting our governor and letting her know how vaping has helped you in your journey to remove traditional combustible tobacco from your life. If you enjoy the many flavors that Eliquidmaster has available we implore you to do your part and contact the governor.


Here is an excerpt from what she was "thinking or lack there of" when coming to the conclusion of wanting to ban the sales of e-liquid.


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she is the first governor in the country to order a total ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, for all ages. 

Her chief medical officer has determined that youthful vaping has become a public health emergency in Michigan, and the governor therefore is issuing emergency rules to cut off this protect from getting into what she contends are the unsuspecting hands of young kids. 

"One of my biggest, most important jobs of being governor is protecting the kids of Michigan. I'm living with two teenagers. I know a lot of their friends are vaping. We see it every day. We see this constantly bombarding kids with this as a healthy option, getting kids hooked on nicotine before their brains are fully formed, and now we're seeing kids showing up with respiratory problems. So we know this is a national health crisis."-Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Here's what the governor's actions will do: ban online and retail sale of sweet, fruity, mint and menthol flavors of vaping products; ban misleading marketing including placing it next to candy on the shelves; and direct the Michigan Department of Transportation to ban billboard ads with vaping products. 

"Bubble gum, fruit loops. These are flavors that are geared towards kids. They say their parents will never know because they plug in like a USB. This is deceptive; this is destructive and most importantly it's compromising our kids' health."-Governor Gretchen Whitmer

"The American Vaping Association counters that there is the "complete absence of evidence showing harm from e-cigarette vapors," and vaping is "a healthy alternative to tobacco products."-Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Gov. Whitmer says she's ready for a legal challenge from the industry. 

"It's an industry that is notorious for deceiving the public, for putting their bottom line ahead of the public health. Children's brains are not fully formed until they're past 20 years old. There's 13-year-olds that are vaping fruit loops right now, that are doing life-long damage, and have no idea they're engaging in a substance that they'll be addicted to, maybe for the rest of their lives."-Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Unfortunately our governor is not being counseled properly or given facts about vaping. Instead this is where YOU, the consumer, can enlighten her and give her your testimony of how vaping has helped you in your journey to remove traditional cigarettes from your every day life style.


-Article pulled from Fox2detroit.com read the full article here.

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