CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength By Tawa Science

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Pressure  Joint


Hand & Foot 

500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

1.5oz (50g) Jar 

3rd Party Lab Tested 

Zero THC


Relax your muscles, revitalize your skin, and ease the pressure with Tawa Science™ Phytocannabinoid rich CBD balm. Smooth, silky, and lightly scented with all natural hemp derived terpenes and organic essential oils. Our full spectrum balms contain all phytocannabinoids (CBD,CBDA,CBG,CBC,CBN) vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and terpenese naturally found in hemp.  Our nano-sized micro-emulsion CBD oil absorbs into the skin quickly for maximum bio-availability and fast relief. All of our balms are GMO & gluten free and contain no solvents, no metals, no pesticides, and no THC.

Our Extra Strength CBD balm is designed for our customers that want to apply high amounts of CBD but less frequently and still yield all the great benefits the hemp plant has to offer. When applied, this highly concentrated CBD balm targets the affected area penetrating the skin and  providing fast relief.  We develop all of our formulas with a much higher CBD content then competing producers which allows our customers to save money, save time, and use less while absorbing more.  Tawa Science™ CBD oil is all natural and packed with beneficial compounds that are scientifically formulated to quickly penetrate the skin and deliver all available phytocannabinoids and micro nutrients. Perfect for daily applications, our CBD balm is conveniently packaged in a travel safe 1.5oz jar and can be applied several times a day if needed.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.