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CBD Infused Herbal Topical By The Friendly Helping Salve

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CBD Topical Products

Welcome to The Helping Friendly Hemp Company, where you can find premium, THC-free, CBD topical products such as salves and tinctures.

Aside from hemp oil as its main ingredient, our CBD salveis infused with Arnica and other potent essential oils. The Helping Friendly Salve may be helpful with many muscle,and joint problems as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. It may also help soothe cuts, bruises, swelling, sunburn, and inflammation, and serve as a great tattoo aftercare product, among many other uses.

Our company is built on friendliness and the willingness to help. We make our lab testing results available to you. That way, you’re sure that you’ll receive nothing but pure hemp oil CBD pain relief salve and topical products with zero THC. To give you a hassle-free experience, we also provide fast and free shipping nationwide.

Since we have first opened our doors, The Helping Friendly Salve has always been our best-selling line. We invite you to experience the positive effects of CBD through our hemp salve and find out for yourself why our loyal customers love our products. You may also view our catalog to find a hemp oil topical that perfectly suits your needs.



Orange Lavie -Developed to help re-charge and sooth your senses while relaxing muscle tension and deep tissue bruising. Ingredients: hemp seed, coconut, and avocado oils is infused with 200mg of 99.5% Pure Hemp Oil Extract CBD, natural beeswax, arnica, sweet orange and lavender therapeutic grade essential oils.


Original -Developed to help provide quick deep topical relief to muscles, joint aches, skin conditions and neuropathy. Ingredients: hemp seed, coconut, and avocado oils is infused with 200mg of 99.5% Pure Hemp Oil Extract CBD, natural beeswax, arnica, frankincense, patchouli, peppermint and tea tree therapeutic grade essential oils help bring added comfort and relief.


Unscented -The Helping Friendly Salve is an odorless CBD herbal salve prized by many long-time customers of The Helping Friendly Hemp Company. Love our The Helping Friendly Salve’s original formulation, but are looking for a less “heady” scent? Our THC-free Unscented salve is perfect for those who are sensitive to smells.

Our salve may help soothe a wide range of symptoms, from muscle aches or spasms and nerve pain, to skin conditions like rashes and eczema. Apart from helping improve various physical ailments and symptoms in humans, it’s also effective for pets. Pets are sensitive to smell, but as our CBD salve for pain is unscented, you can use it to soothe your pet’s cuts or rough, dry paws with no problem.


Use the salve as you would any regular topical product. Take a small amount of the unscented CBD arnica salve and apply it thinly and evenly on the affected area. Massage the salve into your skin in slow, circular motions. Keep massaging until the product has been fully absorbed by the skin.


Many customers associate The Helping Friendly Hemp Company with quality and convenience. Creating an odorless CBD salve for pain relief requires meticulous care and attention to detail. You want products that are pure, THC-free, and made with premium ingredients – and we are committed to providing exactly that.

You can be assured of the purity of our products. Your CBD hemp oil should contain no more than 0.3% of THC for it to remain non-psychoactive. We give you access to our lab testing results so you can be assured that your CBD salve will deliver the beneficial effect of CBD, minus the mind-altering effects of THC.


The Helping Friendly Salve is made from premium, natural ingredients, including 200mg of 99.5% pure hemp oil extract. The formula is made even more potent by infusing it with hemp seed, coconut, and avocado oils. It also contains natural beeswax and has double the amount of Arnica, compared to our other salves. 

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