6.25" Portable Low Temp Dab Unit By Rio

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The Rio is a low temp all-inclusive dab rig that is perfect for cold starts. The glass dab rig sits in a swirled resin base with a torch lighter oriented with the flame right on the bottom of the low-temp quartz nail. 

Features an inline perc for filtration and includes a glass carb cap. Everything comes packaged in a hard shell zippered case with protective foam.  

Cold starts are done by dropping your dab into a clean quartz nail before its hot and then slowly heating it up. Put the carb cap on and wait until the concentrate begins to bubble and turn into a vapor. Turn off the torch and turn the carb cap as you inhale. This method allows users to get more flavorful hits than traditional dabbing methods.


  • 6.25 inch glass oil rig
  • All-inclusive setup
  • Durable boro glass
  • Inline perc
  • Torch with overflow
  • Great for cold starts
  • Quartz banger included
  • Multiple colors available

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.