Price Drop Alert

Exciting News From Eliquidmaster

Eliquidmaster would like to announce a few exciting things that are taking place this coming year. 

Liquid Prices Are Dropping! 

As of 12/22/2017 the following price changes have been implemented:

10ml - $4.99

30ml - $10.99

60ml - $18.99

120ml - $34.99



FREE Shipping!

Any online order over $50 now qualifies for free shipping.


Sample Pack Sale!

In January of 2018 we will be running a week long sale on our 10 bottle - 10ml sample packs.  Sale dates will be announced after the New Year.  We hope you will take advantage of this sale to try some of the flavors you may have never tried!



We will be participating as a vendor, as well as sponsoring the trick competition, at the 2018 Vaporpalooza that is being held March 24th and 25th at 1025 4 Mile Rd. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544.  We hope to see you there and show your support for the vaping community as well as check out the new and exciting things vendors will bring.
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